supacustom is a Custom Motorcycle and Bicycle Company based in Melbourne, Australia. We have a passion for almost anything on 2 wheels, our taste is wide and varied but all our bikes have a common style, we are obsessed with sleek minimal race inspired machines that are built to be ridden. If this sounds like the type of bike that excites you and you are looking for a truly amazing custom built masterpiece then we would love to hear from you. In amongst working on some new custom builds we are also developing a new range of supacustom parts and apparel that we hope to bring to you soon.

supacustom is my passion, an escape from my day job as an aerospace engineer and something that I do because I love it.

A little history…

2006 - after many years of riding and racing bicycles I decide to build my first bicycle frame, a fillet brazed, brakeless fixie, dripping in Duruace track components, high polish rims and slick black paint. I still ride that bike today and I still get a kick out of rolling around on something I built myself.

2007 – my obsession with road going motorcycles begins, I buy an Aprilia RS race replica and enjoy a few years of fun blasting around the streets of Melbourne on the smokey little 2-stroke.

2008 – I sell the Aprilia and buy a stock standard 2001 mdl Triumph Bonneville. I rode it home from the local Triumph dealership and immediately tear it apart with a plan to build a Cafe Racer. Almost 2 year later that bike rolled back out of the garage looking very, very different. Just like the first bicycle I built I still own the triumph and I still ride it regularly.

2010 – supacustom started life in late 2010 as a small custom motorcycle blog. I was inspired to create the bolt after building my first custom bike, a Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer.

2011 – I started to share other bikes and custom motorcycle related content, focussing on the type and style of bikes that I like.

2012 – A big year, I decide to register supacustom as a business, I launch an online store with a small range of motorcycle parts, I start building a Vintage Ossa Competition Trials bike and I move from a small 2 car garage into a large warehouse and I re-ignite the desire to build bicycle frames…

Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.