BSA A65 Project Bike – Part 2

BSA_Firebird_Part1-181The BSA project has been sitting patiently on the bench for a few months now, I stripped it down and have spent many hours staring at it since. I had a whole heap of different ideas for this bike but it has really taken some time to settle on a direction that I am happy with. This project is extra special as I am building the bike for my Father, the guy who is responsible for my addiction to bikes, someone who has owned BSA’s all his life and probably the most important customer I could ever have – I really want to make sure I get this one right!


BSA_Firebird_Part1-182The Oil in Frame A65 gives is a nice package once stripped back, its clean frame design forms a great base. I have sketched out a few different ideas but the one that I keep coming back to is shown below (its a rough outline that i’ll refine a bit more now that I have decided on a direction). At first glance it might not look like too much of a change from the original bike but there are lots of subtle details that will be incorporated. The first big decision was to keep the stock tank, its got a great shape, is in good condition and will work perfectly for this type of build. continuing in the theme of reusing as much as possible I’ll run the stock wheels, forks, and rear shocks – all these components are in fantastic condition, it’d be silly to change them out.


BSA_firebird_sketchThe major area of modification will be the seat and subframe, the stock subframe is very wide, much wider than the slim US style tank. This presents an aesthetic problem and as much as i’d rather not cut into the frame it’s just not going to work the way it is. I am going to remove top rails of the subframe and replace them with a much slimmer design, something that flows nicely with the lines of the tank. This will require the fabrication of some new mounts for the rear shocks and a few other subtle changes.


A new seat will be fabricated to fit the slim subframe, a lightweight aluminium rear guard and a small tail light will finish off the rear of the bike. I’ll add a matching short aluminium front guard, a small headlight and some simplified controls to finish off the chassis side of the build.


BSA_Firebird_Part1-179The motor is pretty fresh and hasn’t done many k’s since having a full rebuild – its very solid and really doesn’t need anything done to it, with that said there is one thing that we will change, the single carb head! It runs really well as is but we just happen to have a twin carb head sitting on the shelf looking for a home, it would be wrong not to do it! We’ll fit a fresh set of carburettors to go with the new head and fab up some custom stainless steel exhausts, that should finish the engine package off nicely.


BSA_Firebird_Part1-180The finished bike won’t be a cafe racer, a scrambler or a flat tracker, it’ll be something in between that should be amazing fun to ride. Now to get busy with the frame modifications…

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  1. by Patrick Flynn on December 19, 2013  4:51 am Reply

    Looking good Ross. Excited to see the finished bike!!

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