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  1. John Simms on - Reply

    Yes indeed I have heard the bike run! Being a fan of the show I watched the build and also had the good fortune of seeing the bike in person last fall at the Barber Vintage festival. Though I have never owned a Ducati I do love the sound having raced against many in my younger years and this one is nothing short of amazing. Truly has a sound of it’s own. Neither like the typical 2 valve or even one of the modern 4 valve machines. This thing sounds like a v8 fuel dragster! I had a short talk with the builder at Barber and I can say there is more here then meets the eye. Also to add to your comment about “compact” it is that too. Well done. If ever you are in the presence of this machine do your eyes and ears a favor and have a look. If he’s near, ask him to fire it up. Amazing is all I can say. One of the Bostrom brothers commented that it is one of the best bikes he had ever tested bar none.

  2. Hey John, thanks for the comments. The Barber festival is one that I would love to attend some time – sounds like it is a great event. This Ducati awesome, great to hear that it has the performance to match the looks – often it’s one or the other…

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