3 comments on “Island Classic 2012 Part 3 – Pre War Racers

  1. Patrick Leverett on - Reply

    Just came to this site via a fyxo link and am impressed.

    The 1928 Douglas is a ripper and is ridden by an 87 year old. Closer inspection reveals he has fitted it with a steering damper…….great to see them out and about.

    • Hey Patrick, I don’t know Ken personally but a family friend knows him quite well so I have heard a few stories, great to see him still racing hard at 87 – I can only hope that’s what I’ll be doing at his age!

      I think a lot of readers here share a common passion for nice bicycles as well…thanks for stopping by.

      • Patrick Leverett on - Reply

        G’day Ross,

        Agreed about the shared passion. I have two with a motor but lots without and as a result of a chat with Ken I will probably be getting a whole lot more next week.

        He and Brenda are wonderful peolpe. Shortly he will be riding a bike from Perth to Sydney (I think) as a re-enactment of an event about 100 years ago. Is it worth doing a story on it…..’cause I’m too busy (read lazy)!!!!!!

        I’d be happy to be doing what he does at 65 never mind 87.

        Nice link to Shifter bikes and Fyxo.

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