Island Classic 2012 Part 3 – Pre War Racers

The oldest bikes to compete at the Island Classic are the pre war class of machine. This year the 1926 1000cc Indian Altoona was not only the oldest bike in the field but was also the fastest by quite a considerable margin. There were a few other Indians in the field,  1941 750cc Scout based bikes I think. I really liked the character of these bikes, how cool is the tank art!

There were some WLA Harleys also from the early 40’s…

One of the more unusual bikes in the category was this rare 1928 Douglass.

Its great to see bikes from this era being raced hard, too often bikes like this end up collecting dust in a collection and not ridden the way they were intended (or ridden at all for that matter…)



  1. by Patrick Leverett on February 1, 2012  4:57 pm Reply

    Just came to this site via a fyxo link and am impressed.

    The 1928 Douglas is a ripper and is ridden by an 87 year old. Closer inspection reveals he has fitted it with a steering damper.......great to see them out and about.

    • by Ross on February 1, 2012  6:29 pm Reply

      Hey Patrick, I don't know Ken personally but a family friend knows him quite well so I have heard a few stories, great to see him still racing hard at 87 - I can only hope that's what I'll be doing at his age!

      I think a lot of readers here share a common passion for nice bicycles as well...thanks for stopping by.

      • by Patrick Leverett on February 2, 2012  9:14 am Reply

        G'day Ross,

        Agreed about the shared passion. I have two with a motor but lots without and as a result of a chat with Ken I will probably be getting a whole lot more next week.

        He and Brenda are wonderful peolpe. Shortly he will be riding a bike from Perth to Sydney (I think) as a re-enactment of an event about 100 years ago. Is it worth doing a story on it.....'cause I'm too busy (read lazy)!!!!!!

        I'd be happy to be doing what he does at 65 never mind 87.

        Nice link to Shifter bikes and Fyxo.

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