Kawasaki C2SS Roadrunner

kawasaki_120_roadrunner-180 Its been an exciting week for supacustom, for quite some time now I have been looking for a new bike to use as a commuting machine around town. I had a few ideas about what the bike should be, cheap, eligible for club rego, lightweight and most of all it needed to be unique. I saw this Kawasaki come up on ebay and spent the full 7 days of the auction period trying to decide if it was a good idea or not, in the end I couldn’t help myself! the price was right and the seller had promised a running machine with little work required to get it going properly.   kawasaki_120_roadrunner-178 The bike is a 1968 Kawasaki C2SS Roadrunner, The C2SS is a lightweight road bike powered by a single cylinder, two stroke, rotary disc valve engine with displacement of 120cc producing 13+ hp. There isn’t too much info available about these bikes but I have managed to order a reproduction of the original Kawasaki workshop manual, that should be a good start. The only obvious issues with the bike are a slipping clutch and indicators that don’t work. Nothing major… kawasaki_120_roadrunner-179   The big question is should I customise it or leave as is, I am leaning towards leaving it stock as its in such good condition, getting it rego’d asap and just riding it for a bit. Who knows how long i’ll last before wanting to customise it…!

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  1. by Vernon on March 24, 2014  4:52 am Reply

    This was my first bike, even the colour leave it stock, if not I would be interested in buying it

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