Oil Stained Brain

The Oil Stained Brain show was a massive success, Richie and Jimmy did a sensational job in putting on one of the best custom bike events Australia has ever seen. The bikes ranged from cafe racers to crazy chops and everything in between. For me the show was really great as I was lucky enough to have my Triumph on display, thanks to the organisers for including it in the show! The Launch Party last night was great, bikes, beer and live music – for me the best part of the show would have to be meeting so many other local builders and hearing some of the stories behind their incredible bikes. I am already looking forward to next years show, better get started on a new bike build I think! I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story…

Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-029 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-030 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-031 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-032 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-033 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-034 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-035 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-036 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-037 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-038 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-039 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-040 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-041 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-042 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-043 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-044 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-045 Oil_Stained_Brain_Launch-046 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-001 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-002 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-003 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-004 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-005 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-007 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-008 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-009 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-010 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-011 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-012 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-013 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-014 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-015 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-016 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-017 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-018 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-019 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-020 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-021 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-022 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-023 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-024 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-025 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-026 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-027 Oil_Stained_Brain_Sunday-028 Oil_Stained_Brain OSB_builders


  1. by tony starr on November 5, 2012  6:43 am Reply

    yep, inspiring little show. enjoyed my quick visit yesterday.

  2. by ewok on November 5, 2012  11:02 am Reply

    Saw your bike, loved it!

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