Project Ossa – Part 7


ossa_MAR_250_1972-034Its been a while since I have posted an update on the Ossa project, thats because I haven’t had much of a chance to work on it for the past few months. There has been quite a bit going on at supacustom headquarters recently and as a result the little Ossa project has been a bit neglected. The past few days I have been working to rectify this situation. I added some new graphics to the tank and side covers, my interpretation of the original 1972 paint scheme.





ossa_MAR_250_1972-035 ossa_MAR_250_1972-036 ossa_MAR_250_1972-037I assembled the bike quickly to check that everything would fit properly and to try and start the motor, I didn’t have high hopes of getting it running as it has been stuck in gear since I bought it. I had hoped that some oil in the gearbox and a few kicks might free it all up but unfortunately it was not to be, I should have pulled it apart right at the beginning but I had been assured by the previous owner that I was recently in a running state so I only checked the top end…lesson learnt! I decided to strip the whole bike, polish and clean everything, fix the gearbox and hopefully assemble one final time.

ossa_MAR_250_1972-039Parts everywhere! The good thing about a trials bike is that the parts count is pretty minimal, it really doesn’t take long to strip it down. I can’t wait to get this bike running, next step is to get the motor apart.


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  1. by Doug Wheeler on April 15, 2014  6:33 am Reply

    I love it! I have always wanted a mar but this just blows any thing I ever dreamed of out of the water! How much to build another?

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