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  • Kawasaki C2SS Road Runner - For Sale

  • Its with a bit of sadness that I have decided to sell the mighty Road Runner, I have had a great time riding it around for the past few months. Its a lot of  fun and certainly draws attention wherever it goes. I have worked hard to get it well sorted and reliable, its now ready for someone else [...]
  • A day in LA

  • So I have spent the past couple of weeks in the US on business, today was the final day of my trip. I found myself with 8 hours to kill in LA while waiting for my flight back to Australia. I decided to rent a car and go visit a couple of bike shops...the day started out well when I got an upgrade at [...]
  • OSB Official Images

  • So its been a few weeks and the dust has settled on the first Oil Stained Brain show, it was a huge success and the organisers are already making plans for the 2013 show. The official photos have just been released, great shots by Shannon Djordjevic from Flake Kustom Photography and Lisa Feagan. [...]
  • Inspiration #5

  • 80's Muscle bikes.....I cant get enough of this type of bike! source: churchofchoppers source: speedjunkies source: speedjunkies source: bubblevisor source: bubblevisor