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  • Oil Stained Brain 2014

  • To say that 2014 has flown by would be an understatement, it seems like only a few months ago I was admiring the 2013 edition of the Oil Stained Brain show but really that was a year ago... The 2014 edition of the show was held at the Kustom Kommune, as always Jimmy and Richie put on a great eve [...]
  • Project Ossa - Part 7

  •   Its been a while since I have posted an update on the Ossa project, thats because I haven't had much of a chance to work on it for the past few months. There has been quite a bit going on at supacustom headquarters recently and as a result the little Ossa project has been a bit neglected. [...]
  • Project Ossa - Part 6

  •   I found some time today to work on the Ossa, progress has been a little slow lately but today was a good day. The bike sat on its newly built wheels for the first time. Big thanks must go to my good mate Russell for lacing up the wheels for me, they look fantastic. I am using the origi [...]
  • Project Ossa - Part 5

  •   Progress on the Ossa Project this week came in the form of a new seat. When I bought the bike the original Ossa seat was missing, a rubber seat from a Fantic was on the bike instead. It kinda looked ok but it didn't really fit properly and it was very heavy - it had to go....   [...]
  • Project Ossa - Part 4

  •   I've been making some good progress on the Ossa Project. The engine is now back in the frame and looking good. I have finished and mounted the custom alloy side covers and spent quite a bit of time trimming and fitting the universal alloy rear guard.   The engine cases h [...]
  • Project Ossa - Part 3

  •   The Ossa project is coming together nicely, this week I received some sweet new parts from Sammy Miller Products in the UK. I decided to lash out on a polished Alloy tank and guards! I have also fabbed up some alloy side covers, the previous owner had made a bit of a start on these and [...]
  • Project Ossa - Part 2

  •   After getting the Ossa home I have been running around like an excited little kid on Christmas morning! I busted out the spanners straight away and started to strip it down to see exactly what I was dealing with.   It didn't take to long to reduce the bike to a pile of p [...]
  • Project Ossa - Part 1

  • Over the past 12 months I have been spending quite a bit of time riding Trials. Its a great challenge and something I am becoming pretty addicted to. I started out with a 2009 Beta Evo 250, a great bike that served me well. Late in 2011 an opportunity came up to sell the Beta and upgrade to a brand [...]