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  • Australian Trials Championships 2015

  • The 2015 Australian Trials Championships were held at Pacific Park near Sydney, I entered the Post Classic class along with my good mate Jared, it was a busy lead up to the event rebuilding the engine on my TY175 but at the last minute everything seemed to come together and we were on the road to Sy [...]
  • MotoGP - Phillip Island 2014

  • I am a massive MotoGP fan, every year I make the trip to Phillip Island to witness the very best riders in the world battle it out.This year was no different, and what a weekend it was. To see Jack Miller put in the ride of his career¬†to take victory in Moto3 was fantastic, and then the MotoGP that [...]
  • Yamaha TY175 - Part 3

  • Parts, Parts, Parts! It feels a bit like christmas has arrived early in the workshop today. I have been ordering parts for the past few months for the TY and they have been slowly arriving, today I decided it was time to go through all the parts to make sure I had everything I am going to need. [...]
  • Yamaha TY175 - Part 2

  • The TY175 project has been making some good progress in the past few weeks. I have been busy cleaning parts and modifying the frame. If you remember what this bike looked like when I first got it (see Part 1 here) you will notice that everything is now much cleaner! It was possible the dirtiest moto [...]
  • Yamaha TY175 - Part 1

  •   As one project finishes another begins, this time I am taking another crack at building a classic trials bike. My first motorcycle was a Yamaha TY175, I was about 12yrs old and I still clearly remember the day my parents bought the bike, the first ride on that bike, the first crash... many [...]
  • 2013 NSW Twinshock Trials Championships

  •   The 2013 NSW Twinshock Trials Championships were held last weekend in Denman, NSW. I live in Melbourne and Denman is at least a 12 hours drive away, despite this we decided that it was an event not to be missed. The Denman Motorcycle Club is about the only Trials club in Australia that has [...]
  • OSB Official Images

  • So its been a few weeks and the dust has settled on the first Oil Stained Brain show, it was a huge success and the organisers are already making plans for the 2013 show. The official photos have just been released, great shots by Shannon Djordjevic from Flake Kustom Photography and Lisa Feagan. [...]