Yamaha TY175 – Part 1


twinshocktrials-099As one project finishes another begins, this time I am taking another crack at building a classic trials bike. My first motorcycle was a Yamaha TY175, I was about 12yrs old and I still clearly remember the day my parents bought the bike, the first ride on that bike, the first crash… many great memories. Recently I was offered a ride on a TY by a generous friend, this brought all these memories flooding back, it was a great expereince and I had a fantastic weekend getting re acquainted with the little Yamaha. A few weeks later I competed in the NSW Post Classic Trials Championships on the same borrowed TY175, after that I was totally hooked and the search began for a TY175 of my own. I reached out to the local trials community and after a few phone calls I was onto a good lead.   


twinshocktrials-102The bike was described as a complete running machine that needed a full restoration, that was exactly what I was after as I plan to replace much of the stock TY components with new parts. I looked at the bike in the dark, could hardly see anything but the price was right so I bought it. It wasn’t until the next day that I got a chance to have a good look at it and see what I had actually bought.twinshocktrials-100My luck was in, the motor turns over freely and has a good spark, the frame is straight and all the major parts I need for the bike are there with the exception of the ignition cover (anyone got a spare to sell me?). I’d say the bike has had a pretty easy life and certainly hasn’t been used as a competitive trials machine, the bash plate is unmarked and the tank is dent free…


twinshocktrials-101The front rim is the only non-standard part on the bike, its a 19″ steel rim that definitely doesn’t belong – no big drama as I plan to fit new alloy rims anyway.TY175-099Next steps are to pull it apart, clean everything and start making a list of competition spec parts to order, its going to be a long list! I am super excited to be building this bike, stay tuned for more updates soon.TY175-100


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  1. by tony starr on August 19, 2013  2:16 pm Reply

    look forward to seeing more updates.

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